You Can’t See John Cena (10/11 – 10/14)

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Hey Champions,

Surprise surprise, another Zombie Weekend ahead? This time you gonna earn some respect in WWE Champions 2019!

  • Hustle and be loyal to win John Cena “Muscle, Atrophy, Infect”! Can you see him?!
  • Play through Limited-Time Tours and Feud to earn points towards the contest.
  • Redeem your Respect Medallions on the Prize Wall for incredible rewards!

Collect shards and unlock the brand-new John Cena “Muscle, Atrophy, Infect” at 4-Star GOLD or get him in LOOT at 4-Star SILVER!



In addition, you will get the chance to earn Paige “Scream For Me” shards and Steve Austin “The Texas Revenant” and Becky Lynch ”The Man” up to 4-Star Bronze!



Please note: The following screenshots are taken from a test environment. Names, numbers, assets and dates are subject to change!

  • The “You Can’t See John Cena” contest begins this Friday, October 11th at noon PDT and lasts until Monday, October 14th at noon PDT.
  • Faction Feud will run from October 12th at 4 pm PDT until October 13th at noon PDT.



  • To earn your Respect in the form of medallions you can use the following methods:
    • Win a Battle in Faction Feud with a Zombie (100 points) (Limit: 100)
    • Survive against John Cena “Muscle, Atrophy, Infect” in Normal Mode (300 points) (Limit: 15, 5 each tour)
    • Survive against John Cena “Muscle, Atrophy, Infect” in Hard Mode (1000 points) (Limit: 6, 2 for each tour)
    • Survive against John Cena “Muscle, Atrophy, Infect” in Hell Mode (3000 points) (Limit: 3, 1 per tour)
    • Obtain 1 John Cena “Muscle, Atrophy, Infect” Shard (40 points)
    • Obtain 1 Charlotte Flair “Unnatural Selection” Shard (20 points)
    • Spend 1 STF Loot Coin (10 points)
    • Max milestone is set to 100,000
  • Rewards will be:
    • Up to 4650 Respect Medallions for the Prize Wall!
    • Up to 3x 5-Star Silver Tokens
    • Up to 50000 Undead Ingots



  • Leaderboard rewards will be up to 2000 Respect Medallions


  • 200 eyes are better than 2, right? At least that’s what they keep saying but will it help you and your Faction to see John Cena? Let’s find out!
  • Point methods for this contest are as follows:
    • Obtain 1 Hustle Hat (1 point)
    • Obtain 1 Loyalty Wristband (1 points)
    • Max milestone is set to 170,000.
  • Rewards will be:

    • Up to 1000 Respect Medallions
    • Random 5-Star Token
    • Up to 20000 Undead Ingots
  • Leaderboard rewards will be:

    • Up to 2 5-Star Silver Tokens
    • Up to 3 Million Coins
    • Diamonds
    • TP
  • You will get up to 300 additional Respect Medallions and 300 Hustle Hats in the Faction Feud Leaderboard! So, keep feuding!


  • Can you survive against John Cena “Muscle, Atrophy, Infect”?
  • You can play three Limited_Time Tours during this contest
    • Open Tour
    • Any John Cena Tour
    • Any Zombie Tour


  • Rewards in all tours will be:

    • Up to 150 Charlotte Flair “Unnatural Selection” shards
    • Hustle Hats
    • Undead Ingots
    • Up to 4-Star Tokens



  • You can spend your earned Respect Medallions in this contest’s Prize Wall.
  • Depending on the amount you have collected you can choose one or more of the following prizes:
    • Shards for John Cena “Muscle, Atrophy, Infect” (2000 needed to unlock him at 4 Star Gold)
    • Shards for Paige “Scream For Me”
    • Up to 4-Star Bronze Steve Austin “The Texas Revenant”
    • Up to 4-Star Bronze Becky Lynch “The Man”


  • Shards and a 4-Star Silver Poster of John Cena “Muscle, Atrophy, Infect” can also be obtained in LOOT, in addition to other rare Zombie Superstars!
    • For example shards for Charlotte Flair “Unnatural Selection” which gives you also points towards the Solo contest.
  • Earn Loyalty Sweatbands in the shop!