Undead Takeover Contest (10/1 – 11/1) (Updated: 10/3)

Last update: Oct 3

Update (10/3, 6 am PDT)

We have added an Evolution Chart to the Solo Contest section to give you an overview of how many Evolution Masks are needed to evolve Finn Balor “Squalor Club”.


Hey Champions,

We got a bit of safety advice for you: Grab a few cans of ravioli, some water, your mobile device with WWE Champions 2019 on it and hide in your probably non-existing bunker from the Undeads who are trying to take over the ring!

Ignore the above if you aren’t scared at all and collect some brains in the Undead Takeover throughout this October! urgh!

  • Play through this monthlong contest and make progress by earning Undead Ingots in Tours, Feud, Blitz, Faction, Showdown Tournaments, and additional contests.
  • Earn The Rock “The People’s Chomp” at 4-Star Bronze from the contest milestones!
  • Evolve Finn Balor “Squalor Club” with special evolution tokens!!!


Alongside these zombielishious Superstars, we will have FOUR more Undeads rising from Hell! Right now they are still assembling their bodies, so stay tuned and be scared!


Please note: The following screenshots are taken from a test environment. Names assets and dates are subject to change!

  • The Undead Takeover begins Tuesday, October 1st at noon PDT and lasts until Monday, November 1st at 10 am PDT.
  • The Kick-Off Talent Up starts on October 1st at ~12:30 PDT and lasts until Friday, October 4th at noon PDT.
  • Please note: The monthly contest will rollout around noon but it might take some time until everything is visible on your device.



  • This is where the Zombiecalypse starts! Get Shinsuke Nakamura “Dead Style Has Arrived” AND the brand-new Finn Balor “Squalor Club”  for FREE with the very first milestone!



  • All you have to do is to level up and evolve your Superstars!
  • Rewards will be as followed
    • Up to 3-Star Gold poster of Shinsuke Nakamura “Dead Style Has Arrived”
    • Up to 6 Evolution Masks
    • Undead Takeover Turnbuckles
    • More resources!



  • Leaderboard rewards will be
    • Up to a 3-Star Silver poster of Finn Balor “Squalor Club”
    • Up to 3x 5-Star Silver Tokens
    • and plenty of resources!





  • Brains Brains Brains, it’s all about Braaains and Undead belongings!
  • Make progress in this monthly contest by using the following point methods:

    • Obtain 1 Takeover Brain (90000 points)
    • Obtain 1 Undead Ingot (1 point)
    • Spend 1 Undead Takeover Universal Turnbuckle (1 point)
    • Obtain 1 Undead Takeover Faction Vault Coin (100000 points)
    • Increase the Talent of Finn Bálor “Squalor Club” by 1 (150 points)
    • Max milestone is set to 5,000,000 points.
  • Collect all 11 Takeover Brains from the Undead Tours throughout this month to get the most points in this contest! Humans, blegh!
  • Evolution Masks are needed to evolve and enhance Finn Balor “Squalor Club” during this monthly contest.


  • Here is an Evolution Chart so you know how many Tokens are needed to get him to 4-Star Gold:
    • Evolution ➠  Masks needed
      4-Star Gold ➠ 24
      4-Star Silver ➠ 22
      4-Star Bronze ➠ 20
      3-Star Gold ➠ 14
      3-Star Silver ➠ 12
      3-Star Bronze ➠ 10
      2-Star Gold ➠ 5
      2-Star Silver ➠ 4
      2-Sar Bronze ➠ 3
      1-Star Gold ➠ 2
      1-Star Silver ➠ 1


  • These can be attained in various places throughout the contest including tours, coin & evolution contest, TP contests and MORE!
  • More than enough Tokens will be available to bring Finn Balor “Squalor Club” to 4-Star GOLD!
  • Rewards in this contest will be:
    • The Rock “The People’s Chomp” up to 4-Star Bronze!
    • Coffins in different rarities!
    • Undead Takeover Turnbuckles


…and many more coffins!


  • Leaderboard rewards will be:
    • Up to 3x 5-Star Silver Token Bundles!
    • Up to 20000 Diamonds
    • Up to 200000 Headliner Coins
    • Up to 10x 100 random TP bags
    • and much more!




  • Play through the Undead Takeover Tours in order to win required Undead Ingots and other great rewards, such as Evolution Masks to evolve your Finn Bálor “Squalor Club”!
  • A new Tour will launch every few days. You get the chance to battle as an Undead or Human.
  • Your goal will be to get all the delicious human Takeover Brains at the end of the respective Undead Tour!
  • The first week will require one of the Superstars below, more will be added soon and can be viewed in our event calendar.
  • Week 1
    • Open Tour
    • Membership Tour
    • Finn Bálor “Squalor Club”
    • Sasha Banks “Legit Dead Boss”
    • Shinsuke Nakamura “Dead Style Has Arrived”
    • Steve Austin “The Texas Revenant”
    • Brock Lesnar “The Beast Reincarnated”
    • Seth Rollins “The Undisputed Fiend”
    • AJ Styles “The Possessed One”
    • AJ Styles “The Phenomenal One”


  • To make progress in this Faction contest you team up with your Faction and collect and spend as many keychains as possible



  • Point methods are:
    • Obtain 1 Undead Keychain (1 point)
    • Spend 1 Undead Keychain (1 point)
    • Max milestone is set to 39,999,999 points.
  • Undead Keychains can be earned from Tours and Blitzes.
  • Rewards will be:
    • Up to 15 Evolution Masks for Finn Bálor “Squalor Club”
    • Over 100,000 Undead Ingots
    • Undead Takeover Turnbuckles


  • Leaderboard ranks will get up to 50,000 additional Undead Ingots!


  • The goal in this monthly contest is to get as many human brains as possible with your Undeads. That means you will get plenty of points in the contest with those brains.



  • You still get a good amount of points with collected Undead ingots, yet not as much as you got used to in the previous contests.
  • Thus, we have reduced the costs in this monthlong Prize Wall and extended the assortment for all your needs!
  • Exchange your Undead Ingots for resources such as TP, Tokens, coins, Blitz tickets, diamonds etc.
  • Additionally, you can get:
    • All kinds of AWESOME Combo Packs!!!
    • Up to 5-Star Silver Tokens
    • Gears for Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Steve Austin “Austin 3:16” and Goldberg “Who’s Next”!
    • Fuses for required Undeads! (you need to have them in your roster to see this option)
    • Undead Takeover Safes


  • Required Superstars for the contests can also be obtained in the Loot with respective Loot Coins. Get a chance at Finn Bálor “Squalor Club” Fuses, a 4-Star Silver Steve Austin “The Texas Revenant” and many other rare Superstars.
  • Members will get additional great offers to make progress in the Undead Takeover contest!