Take A Selfie Contest (9/20 – 9/23)

Last update: Sep 19

Hey Champions,

Take a pose and shoot the selfie of your lifetime! Can you keep up with the master of Breezelfies?  All spotlights are on and ready for the debut of Tyler Breeze “Prince Pretty” in our Take a Selfie contest!

  • Play through Limited-Time Tours and Showdown to earn shards and poster of Tyler Breeze
  • Help your Faction to earn even more shards and to call him your own!

Get Tyler Breeze “Prince Pretty” at 4-Star SILVER in LOOT and also have a chance to win him at 3-Star Bronze from the Gold Breezelfie Bag!

  • The Take a Selfie Contest begins on Friday, 9/20 at noon PDT and lasts until Monday, 9/23 at noon PDT.
  • The Clash of Titans Showdown Tournament runs from Saturday 9/21 at noon PDT – Sunday 9/22 at 4 pm PDT.

  • United you are strong, united you are pretty! To earn the precious rewards you will have to do the following with your faction:
  • Spend 1 coin on any Modern Era Superstar (1 point)
  • Spend 1 Loot Coin (100000 points)
  • Seems pretty easy, huh? Let’s have a look at the rewards:
    • A 3-Star Silver Ronda Rousey Poster
    • Breezelfie Bags in various rarities
    • Health Packs
    • Blitz Tickets
    • Clash of Titans Keys

  • Leaderboard rewards will be:
    • Up to 50000 Diamonds
    • Up to 1000 TP


  • This Solo contest is all about Tyler Breeze, thus you have the following point methods to complete all milestones:
    • Collect a Breezellfie Medallion (1 point)
    • Obtain a 4-Star Silver Tyler Breeze “Prince Pretty” (500000 points)
    • Talent Up Tyler Breeze “Prince Pretty” (Left: 12000/12000) (15 points)
    • Win a Clash of Titans Showdown match with any Modern Era Superstar (Left: 30/30) (5000 points)
    • Spend 1 Loot Coin (3000 points)
    • Spend 1 Tyler Breeze Medallion (Left: 1/1) (50000 points) 
  • Rewards will be
    • Grab bags for required Superstars in the Limited-Time Tours
    • Coins
    • Health Packs
    • Clash of Titans Coins

  • Leaderboard rewards will be
    • Up to 3 Striker 5-Star Silver Tokens
    • Up to 50000 Diamonds
    • Up to 1000 TP


  • You can play through five Limited-Time Tours with the following requirements:
    • 9/20 – Any NXT (Side note: Any NXT 2019)
    • 9/20 – Any Aleister Black (Side note: Any NXT 2019)
    • 9/21 – Any Velveteen Dream (Side note: Any NXT 2019)
    • 9/21 – Any Kofi Kingston (Side note: Any NXT 2019)
    • 9/22 – Any Daniel Bryan (Side note: Any NXT 2019)
    • 9/22 – Any Ricochet (Side note: Any NXT 2019)
  • Rewards will be:
    • Silver and Bronze Breezelfie Bags
    • Up to 4-Star Tokens
    • Coins
    • Up to 41800 Breezelfie Medallions

  • Required Superstars can be obtained in LOOT, including Tyler Breeze “Prince Pretty” at 4-Star Silver!