Acrobat Madness Info (9/13 – 9/16)

Last update: Nov 3

Hey Champions,

We had something for the Showboats, for the Tricksters and you don’t have to be a scientist to figure out what’s coming next. Exactly, this weekend you gonna need your Acrobats for this MADNESS!

  • Hit the contest milestones and win shards and posters of Rey Mysterio “Master of the 619”, in addition to great rewards!
  • You can also win Loot coins by playing through the Limited-Time Tours.

Additionally, you will also be able to acquire Rey Mysterio “Master of the 619” at 4-STAR SILVER in LOOT, together with his brand-new Royal Rumble 2018 gear along with 6 Million coins and 800 shards! Just perfect for the upcoming Faction Feud!



  • The Acrobat Madness begins this Friday, September 13th at noon PDT and it ends Monday, September 16th at noon PDT.
  • Faction Feud is scheduled for September 13th, 4 pm PDT and lasts until Saturday, September 14th at 4 pm PDT.


  • Together with your Faction, you can win big!
  • Earn points by fulfilling the following conditions:
    • Spend 1 Loot Coin (250 points)
    • Acquire Rey Mysterio’s Sapphire or Platinum Vault (75000 points)
    • Win a battle in Faction Feud with Rey Mysterio “Master of the 619” (Limit: 80) (2500 points)
    • The max milestone is set at 1,000,000 points.
  • As you can see, using Rey Mysterio “Master of the 619” in the Faction Feud can earn your Faction a huge points boost.
  • Milestone rewards are
    • 3-Star Tokens
    • Up to  300000 Clash of Titans coins
    • Up to 30000 diamonds
    • Up to 5000000 coins
    • Rey Mysterio Sacks in different rarities. Those sacks can contain up to 800 shards for  Rey Mysterio “Master of the 619” and each has a chance of giving his 3-Star Bronze Poster!
    • The Rey Mysterio Sacks give you already a minimum of 300 shards if you collect all 3 of them.

  • Leaderboard rewards will be up to 5 million coins!


    • Five Tours will be available, each with 4 nodes
      • Any Acrobat Tour
      • Jeff Hardy “Hardy Boyz” Tour (Side node: Any Acrobat)
      • “Macho Man” Randy Savage (Side node: Seth Rollins “NXT”)
      • Jimmy Uso Tour (Side node: Eddie Guerrero)
      • Ricochet “The One and Only” (Side node: X-Pac “DX”)
    • Rewards will be
      • Clash of Titans coins
      • Up to 4-Star Tokens
      • Diamonds
      • Coins
      • Loot Coin bags!

  • There are 15 Loot Coin Bags in total each with a chance at 40 loot coins!!!


  • If you are missing some of the required Superstars for the Limited-Time Tours you can always make use of the dedicated Loot for this contest.
  • Get a chance at Rey Mysterio’s Sapphire vault with a 4-STAR SILVER poster, his Royal Rumble 2018 gear along with up to 6 Million coins and 800 shards!