Clash of Titans Info (9/2 – 9/30)

Last update: Nov 3

Hey Champions

This September is gonna be huge! Topple Titans together with your Faction and win big in the Clash of Titans contest!

  • Play through this monthlong contest and make progress by beating Titans and earning Clash of Titan Coins in Tours, Feud, Blitz, Faction, Showdown Tournaments, and additional contests.
  • Get a chance to win Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Champion”, and many more valuable items on the Prize Wall!
  • Additionally, earn Fashion Bags to unlock shards of Fandango “Deputy Dango”!

Four new Superstars will debut this month!

Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Champion” can be unlocked by collecting shards or posters during the contest. Fandango “Deputy Dango” unlocks at 3-Star Silver in the Prize Wall!


But what about Breezango? Yes, Tyler Breeze “Prince Pretty” is taking the catwalk straight to the ring later this month, accompanied by Mr. Kofimania himself, Kofi Kingston “Against All Odds”!



  • Clash of Titans begins on Monday, September 2nd at noon PDT and lasts until Monday, September 30th, at 6 pm PDT.
    • Please note: The contest will rollout around noon but it might take some time until everything is visible on your device.

  • A Kick-Off Talent Up will help you to earn up to 800 shards and poster of Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Champion” right at the start of this monthly contest!
    • It starts around 12:30 pm PDT and ends on Thursday, September 5th at noon PDT.


  • You and your Faction will have the chance to battle “Titans” and “Mini-Titans” and earn extremely rare prizes!
  • What do you have to do? Well, it’s Clash of Titans, so the name says it all.
  • Each week will feature a “Titans” Blitz Game, with a “Titan” in the Hell mode of the Gauntlet Blitz, and only 3 nodes!

  • You can compete in these “Titan Games” by working with your Faction to defeat as many “Titans” as possible each weekly Blitz.

Example: Titus O’Neil as Titan/Final Boss in Titan Games 2

  • There will be a Titans Championship (tougher opponent) during week 4, with more points available to catch up if your Faction is behind.
  • To get an advantage in your clash against Titans and other Factions you can also unlock Titan Blitz Perks by completing the respective contest for each Titan Blitz game.

  • The first Titan Game starts on Monday, September 2nd around noon PDT.
  • You can also find “Mini-Titans” in one Limited-Time Tour each week, these Titans are easier to topple and therefore easier to earn points for your Faction.

  • Point methods are:

    • Win Titan in Blitz 1 (Hell Mode Nia Jax) [Limit: 200] (15000 pts)
    • Win Titan in Blitz 2 (Hell Mode Titus) [Limit: 200] (15000 pts)
    • Win Titan in Blitz 3 (Hell Mode JYD) [Limit: 200] (15000 pts)
    • Win Titan in Blitz Final (Hell Mode Andre the Giant) [Limit: 200] (15000 pts)
    • Win Mini-Titan in PVE (Open Track Hell Node 2 – Batista “Mini Titan”) [Limit: 100] (5000 pts)
    • Win Mini-Titan in PVE (Sting Track Hell Node 2 – Ric Flair “Mini Titan”) [Limit: 100] (5000 pts)
    • Win Mini-Titan in PVE (Stone Cold Track Hell Node 2 – Eddie Guerrero “Mini Titan”) [Limit: 100] (5000 pts)
    • Win Mini-Titan in PVE (Brock Track Hell Node 2 – Seth Rollins UF “Mini Titan”) [Limit: 100] (5000 pts)
    • Obtain Clash of Titans Keys (1 pt)
    • Spend Clash of Titans Keys (1 pt)

  • Rewards will be

    • Fashion Bags
    • Clash of Titans coins
    • Turnbuckles
    • Super Props (Destroy up to 6 gems)
    • Safes

  • Extremely rare prizes will be available in the Leaderboards, such as Titan Ingots, which unlock bags of worth up to 10 million coins AND 5-Star Silver Tokens!

  • Max Milestone is set to 45.999.999.


  • To get the most out of the Clash of Titans Prize Wall you should try to hit as many milestones as possible.
  • Point methods are:
    • Obtain Clash of Titans Coins (1 pt)
    • Increase the talent of Kofi Kingston “Against All Odds” (20 pts)
    • Increase the talent of Fandango “Deputy Dango” (20 pts)
    • Increase the talent of Tyler Breeze “Prince Pretty” (20 pts)
    • Spend Clash of Titans Turnbuckles (1 pt)

  • Rewards will be
    • Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Champion” Shard Bags
    • Fashion Bags
    • Clash of Titans VIP coins (for members)
    • Headliner Chips
    • Coins
    • Diamonds
    • Turnbuckles
    • Blitz Tickets
    • Safes
  • Top Leaderboard ranks can get additional 5-Star Silver Tokens for their next 4-Star Gold Superstar! 


  • Play through the Limited-Time Tours in order to win required contest currencies and other great rewards, such as Clash of Titans Safes!
  • A new Tour will launch every few days. The first week will require one of the Superstars below, more will be added soon and can be viewed in our event calendar.
    • Week 1
      • Open Tour (with Mini-Titan)
      • Membership Tour
      • Open Women Tag-Team Tour
      • Paige “The Raven-Haired Renegade”
      • Any Undertaker
      • Dusty Rhodes “The American Dream”
      • Samoa Joe “The Destroyer”


  • The Clash of Titans contest provides you with awesome rewards in a dedicated Prize Wall throughout September.
  • Use your Clash of Titans Medallions to get shards and a 3-Star Silver Poster of Fandango “Deputy Dango”
  • Clash of Titan Ingots will get you bags stuffed with coins!


  • Exchange your Clash of Titans coins for resources such as TP, Tokens, coins, Blitz tickets, diamonds, etc.
  • Additionally, you can use those currencies to get required Superstars up to 3-Star Bronze for upcoming Tours and contests.


  • Membership Extras!

  • If you are an active member of one of the Subscriptions, you can spend Clash of Titans VIP coins to get even more out of this Prize Wall! Which means more Tokens, Diamonds, Coins, Blitz Tickets, TP, 3-Star Shard Chips, and Clash of Titans Safes!


  • Required Superstars for the contests can also be obtained in the Loot with respective Loot Coins. Get a chance at a 4-Star Silver Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Champion” and many other rare Superstars.
  • Members will get additional great offers to make progress in the Clash of Titans contest!
  • Brand-new Ladder Packs will be available as well! Buy the first pack and unlock the next tier with more Loot coins for the same price!